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independent record label for contemporary music

Aspen is an independent record label for contemporary music. We issue 'integral music': music that escapes traditional genres and often moves between jazz and improvisation, contemporary classical music, pop or folk influences, and electronics.

The projects that Aspen likes to support, have a genuine nature, they are developed by sincere artists who stubbornly search for their own path.

Aspen is Belgian-based but allied with the international scene. Activities include: events, curation, bookings. Aspen aims to be environmentally friendly, since that is the only way to go. Contact us to learn more or check our news feed.

+32 478 17 20 90

Aspen vzw
Hulshoutsesteenweg 17
2222 Itegem
KBO: 0833.541.883

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Aspen Edities

Our main label, characterized by detailed design. In every edition the musicians and their music are matched with a related graphic artist. Together they develop the visual extension of the album. Every edition also includes a quote or another textual element that expresses both music and design.

Et Alia 

Our imprint for all sorts of peculiar, outspoken and adventurous projects. The form of these releases are as free as their content.


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