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Out now: 'dissolution of the other' by Poor Isa

Poor Isa's second album is out now: 'dissolution of the other'. Again, banjo and woodblocks are the scarce ingredients. Read the first reviews.

"This is the good stuff. Delicate yet strong, relentless yet restrained. No melodrama, no fluff. Just layers of sound
that, in their relative simplicity and lack of narrative arc, suggest something much more mysterious
than a modal banjo duet. Stay this course, and Poor Isa could become Aspen Edities crowning jewel."

a closer listen

"Totaal indruisend tegen de huidige consumptielogica en net daardoor zo subliem."


Aspen Label Night at otoro

On 19 June 2022, a new space for music opens in Roborst: otoro.

On this opening day we are present with concerts by Leroux + Van Isacker + Vanderstraeten and Karl Van Deun.
There will also be an expo with paintings by Naninga Lens.
And Aspen prepares dinner.

16.00 Welcome + expo
17.00 Concert 1 
18.30 Concert 2 
Main course

Concerts + dinner: €30
Reservations: aspenconcerts@gmail.com

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NEW ET ALIA RELEASE: harmoniums by Gebruers + Troch

Seppe Gebruers - harmonium
Thijs Troch - harmonium

Although they are rather known as pianists, Seppe Gebruers and Thijs Troch discovered a new challenge in playing the harmonium. In origin the harmonium was a European invention where it was used as an alternative for the bigger and more expensive pipe organs in smaller churches. As a duo - on two harmoniums - they freely improvise pieces as if they were composed and the other way around. The both of them are members of the collective called troika.

'Harmoniums' is released on cassette, including download code and unique postcard by Sjoerd Paridaen & Laura Vana van.
Limited edition: 100 ex.



conway by Linus + Økland/Van Heertum/Zach

Ruben Machtelinckx: guitar, baritone guitar, banjo
Thomas Jillings: tenor saxophone, alto clarinet, synthesizer
Nils Økland: hardanger fiddle
Niels Van Heertum: euphonium, trumpet
Ingar Zach: percussion

All music improvised by Linus + Økland /Van Heertum/Zach 

From the album 'light as never'

Recorded by Stijn Cools at DE SINGEL in June 2021
Hardanger fiddle recorded by Kjetil Ulland at ABC studio
Mixed by Werner Pensaert at Linster Studios
Mastered by Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea
Video by Henri Ardui

lessness by Ruben Machtelinckx + Arve Henriksen

Ruben Machtelinckx: guitar, tenor guitar, composition
Arve Henriksen: trumpet

From the album 'a short story'

Artwork: Jockum Nordström