Aspen Edities

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Eyvind Kang

sonic gnostic

€ 15 (CD) € 35 (LP)

Released as a double LP and as a CD, August 21
Cover will be released soon

Eyvind Kang
kemanche, acoustic guitar

Jessika Kenney

Bill Frisell
electric guitar 

Timothy Young
electric and acoustic guitars

Diego Gaeta
electric piano 

Tim Tsang

Lu Coy
clarinet, flute

Breana Gilcher
oboe, flute

Jesse Quebbeman Turley

Adrienne Varner


Recorded and mixed by Jenica Anderson at REDCAT, Los Angeles
Premastered by Jason Schimmel at The Bunker Studio
Mastered by Dan Hersch at d2

Artwork and copyright by Bart De Clercq
Design by Robin Foesters

"there is not more in little nor is there less"

1 binah 

2 grass 

3 grass study

4 plainlight


Released as a double LP and as a CD