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Ruben Machtelinckx + Arve Henriksen

a short story

€ 15 (CD) € 25 (LP)

Release & shipping: end of February 2022

Ruben Machtelinckx: guitar, tenor guitar
Arve Henriksen: trumpet

gatefold LP 
500 copies

Recorded by Stijn Cools at kunstencentrum nona, August 2021
Mixed by Stijn Cools
Mastered by Gert Van Hoof at Cochlea

Artwork and copyright by Jockum Nordström - Photography by Per-Erik Adamsson
Design by Robin Foesters

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"Le difficile, ce n'est pas de donner, c'est de ne pas tout donner. - Colette"


towards the redwood curtain


strands of black hair

leaves, birds and grapes

beek 2

variation of shadows

sleepwalkers forest


stone garden

pines of Onoe


Guitar and trumpet. Trumpet and guitar. The pawns on the board are few in number and modest in decoration. Again, Machtelinckx opts for the purely acoustic. Including improvisations that are everything but hermetic, with special guitar tunings and a focus on texture experiments. And including eight vintage Machtelinckx compositions, with singable melodies and strong harmonies. 

A short story is a meeting of two gentle musicians from which nothing but quiet music can emerge, so straightforward that it hurts a little. The album is testimony of the very first time they met and the tension that comes with it.

The artwork was made especially for the album by Jockum Nordström.