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Ingar Zach

strumento di etimo incerto

Ingar Zach – percussion, voice,  vibrating speakers on snare drum, timpani, and Gran Cassa

Cicchitaredu and Le Finestre I-VI recorded by Stig Gunnar Ringen in the anechoic chamber at The University of Oslo, physics building, 2 March and 27 April 2022. Davoli recorded by Anders Tveit at NMH studio the 20 May 2022.
Edited by Ingar Zach
Mixed and mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi in Monza, Italy August/September 2022

Artwork and copyright by Ives Maes
Design by Robin Foesters

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"Non รจ la voce che comanda la storia: sono le orecchie. - Italo Calvino"


Le Finestre I - II - III - IV - V - VI

‘Strumento di etimo incerto’ is Ingar Zach’s eighth solo album, presenting his ever-continous research with his instruments and its vibrations. Zach’s characteristic sound sources are vibrating speakers on a Gran Cassa, snare drum and timpani, creating a strange world, consisting of rhythmic patterns and a huge variety in oscillations.

The musician proposes music of an uncertain nature: sending out impulses, leading to pulses. The sounds group and fall apart, sometimes abruptly, but
always subtle. Addressing the listener with physical sensations, while their meaning is entirely constructed in the ear of the receiver.

Ingar Zach

Ingar Zach is a Nordic percussionist with a Southern feel. The Gran Cassa has become his main source of sound exploration. The mighty drum is gently laid
at and freed from its bombastic lower ranges. Instead, the skin becomes a vast field of varying sound landscapes. 

Zach works in the eld of contemporary music with ensembles like Dans les arbres, Huntsville and O3 alongside his solo and collaborative projects. In recent years he composed music for Ensemble MusikFabrik, Quatuor Bozzini, Speak Percussion, Alessandra Rombolà and Pinquins among others. He has been part of the quintet Linus + Økland/Van Heertum/Zach (‘mono no aware’ - Aspen 001, ‘light as never’ - Aspen 014).