Aspen Edities

'Porous structures' awarded as 'Best Belgian cd Jazz'

'Porous structures' is the debut album of Ruben Machtelinckx' new quartet. The album recently won the Klara award for Best Belgian cd Jazz.

From the jury report:

They remain true to the credo that adorns the album: ‘We become aware of the void as we fill it.’  In times when stillness has become pure luxury, Porous Structures is a welcome surprise. This album was released by the record label Aspen Edities by Ruben Machtelinckx and Niels Van Heertum. It is a beautiful object that has been put together with the utmost care and vision and that further strengthens the music.

About this release:

2019 a fruitful year for Ruben Machtelinckx. This project is the last part of a triptych: in the spring Poor Isa, his duo with Frederik Leroux, released its
debut album; in the summer he came out with the cassette ‘Sualme’ with field recordings, improvisations and compositions; the winter appears to be
the proper season for the crystalline music of this quartet.

Joachim Badenhorst is an old acquaintance, he was already part of Machtelinckx’ rst quartet, Machtelinckx/Jensson/Badenhorst/Wouters, in
this new project he plays reeds and he sings. Bert Cools plays steel-string guitar for this occasion - just like Machtelinckx. Toma Gouband is the
percussionist of the band, with his peculiar choices in sounds and materials.