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F. Leroux >< R. Machtelinckx

when the shade is stretched

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Ruben Machtelinckx
banjo, long scale banjo, guitars, vibration speaker, objects
Frederik Leroux
banjo, tapedelay, voice, recorder, bird whistle, harmonium, percussion, piano and synth

Recorded by Christophe Albertijn and Frederik Leroux
Mixed by Christophe Albertijn
Mastered by Christophe Albertijn

Artwork by Charif Benhelima
Design by Robin Foesters

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"But sometimes when it’s your brother you look the other way"

Side A - Ruben Machtelinckx

One Morning, Ten Years Later
Mirror Men
Short Sentence

Side B - Frederik Leroux

The Faerie Queene
Arum Lily
I Lock My Door Upon Myself
Woman On A Rocking Horse

A split album is a marriage of autonomous partners. On each side of the vinyl, one artist presents a limited selection of music. Both sides relate to each other, but they do not intertwine.

On Aspen’s first split, guitar brothers Ruben Machtelinckx and Frederik Leroux each contribute twenty minutes of solo performance.

Both Machtelinckx and Leroux make use of the oating sounds of the banjo, but in a quite distinct way. While the former presents a determined and solid selection of music, the latter drifts off whistling and wandering.