Aspen Edities

Aspen Entente 01: Seppe Gebruers

In an Aspen Entente we talk to characters in music. People with whom we expect to find an understanding in the way they make or experience music. In this first episode: Seppe Gebruers. The conversation is in Dutch.

Guest: Seppe Gebruers
Interview: Thomas Jillings & Sanne Huysmans
Recording & edit: Thomas Jillings, Niels Van Heertum & Sanne Huysmans
Photography: Erik Bogaerts
Jingle: Ruben Machtelinckx & Lies Steppe

Music played in the podcast:
Seppe Gebruers - Playing with 'De Vlaamse Leeuw'
Seppe Gebruers - Playing with 'Last Night When We Were Young'
Seppe Gebruers & Thijs Troch - a track from their upcoming album
Jörg Demus plays Schumann Albumblätter - Impromptu

With the support of Flanders - State of the Art