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Eyvind Kang - sonic gnostic

Presenting this wonderful music by Eyvind Kang featuring Bill Frisell, Tim Tsang, Timothy Young, Lu Coy, Breana Gilcher, Diego Gaeta, Jessika Kenney, Jesse Quebbeman Turley and Adrienne Varner. 'sonic gnostic' will be available as limited double LP and CD in August 21.

Artwork by Bart De Clercq

'Porous structures' awarded as 'Best Belgian cd Jazz'

'Porous structures' is the debut album of Ruben Machtelinckx' new quartet. The album recently won the Klara award for Best Belgian cd Jazz.

From the jury report:

They remain true to the credo that adorns the album: ‘We become aware of the void as we fill it.’  In times when stillness has become pure luxury, Porous Structures is a welcome surprise. This album was released by the record label Aspen Edities by Ruben Machtelinckx and Niels Van Heertum. It is a beautiful object that has been put together with the utmost care and vision and that further strengthens the music.

About this release:

2019 a fruitful year for Ruben Machtelinckx. This proje...

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maahan by ˈkɑːmos

From the debut album of ˈkɑːmos (Aino Peltomaa & Nathan Wouters)
Artwork: Dries Segers

Aspen 008


'Sualme' out on Et Alia

Our imprint Et Alia releases all kinds of projects out of the ordinary. First release is this cassette. 'Sualme' is made for Kunst & Zwalm 2019 and contains field recordings, improvisations and compositions by Ruben Machtelinckx.

"The package has a charming, handmade look, very much in keeping with the intimate, local aspect of the music. Perhaps the most personal music Machtelinckx has made, but also the most inviting." (All About Jazz)

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'almadies' by Karl Van Deun

An evening in 1995. In a quiet house in Dakar, one guitarist pushes an acoustic guitar in the hands of another. It was a small Eastern European instrument with special nylon strings, bought for little money in a Brussels music store. Pierre Van Dormael had purchased several before traveling to Senegal, for his students at the Conservatory of Dakar. The other musician: Karl Van Deun. He spent his vacation in West-Africa, with his comrade and teacher.

During one of those clammy African nights Pierre suggested to make some music. With nothing more than that small guitar, Karl played what came to him, intuitively and without preparation. Pierre recorded the session on cassette and would go on to mix the music as well.

Due to health problems, Karl had barely played guitar since 1993. That night he played about a dozen short improvisations. Only afterwards did he he...

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