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Aspen Label Night at De Warande

Niels Van Heertum is artist in residence in cultural center De Warande this year. One of the nights he hosts is an Aspen Label Night on 18 May 2019.

We are delighted to present you four concerts by artists from the Aspen family for this occasion:

Karl Van Deun solo (album release)
Shahzad Ismaily solo (album release)
Christian Wallumrød Ensemble (NO)
Niels Van Heertum / Shahzad Ismaily / Jozef Dumoulin / Ruben Machtelinckx / João Lobo

Photo: Bart Van der Moeren

Supported by Art Council Norway and Music Norway

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Spring Fever: Aspen’s plans for early 2019

Some beautiful editions, a promising label night and a band on tour. This is how the first half of 2019 will look like.

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Aspen's Taco Triptych

— Ruben Machtelinckx —
Ruben Machtelinckx: banjo

— Seppe Gebruers + Eric Thielemans —
Seppe Gebruers: harmonium
Eric Thielemans: drums

— Merope (CD Release) —
Bert Cools: gitaar
Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė: kankles, stem
Jean Christophe Bonnafous: bansuri


16 pm Welcome
17 pm Concert 1 
Starter / Soup
18 pm Concert 2 
Main dish
19.30 pm Concert 3 

Want to join us? Reservations: info@aspenedities.com
Mention (1) with how many people you would like to come, (2) whether you would like to have dinner too and (3) whether you prefer the vegetarian or non-vegeta...

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Good memories: Ruben Machtelinckx live in Japan

Ruben Machtelinckx solo
Guggenheim House, Kobe, Japan
6 May 2018

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Coming up: 'zonder webben' by Frederik Leroux + Kris Vanderstraeten

From the album: zonder webben by Frederik Leroux + Kris Vanderstraeten
Artwork by Bart De Clercq

Frederik Leroux: (prepared) electric guitar
Kris Vanderstraeten: percussion drums, horizontal electric guitar, objects and small hunting horn

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Les Ateliers Claus by Christophe Albertijn

RELEASE DATE: 1 March 2018

One Morning, Ten Years Later by Ruben Machtelinckx

From the album: 'when the shade is stretched' by Ruben Machtelinckx >< Frederik Leroux
Artwork by Charif Benhelima, From the Harlem on my mind - I was, I am series.

Ruben Machtelinckx
banjo, long scale banjo, guitars, vibration speaker, objects

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Les Ateliers Claus by Christophe Albertijn in June and September 2017